Mind your own business

I’ve never understand how a person can tell a woman that she’s evil for wanting an abortion. Whether or not people want to acknowledge this fact, a fetus is not a person. It’s a parasite. And it continues to be a parasite until the day it can survive on its own.


Hugs And Drugs

I’d rather teach kids how to deal with their feelings instead of dealing drugs. Because your emotions will fuck you up 10 times worse than any drug could.

Is the end of racism possible?

Racism has been in my country for as long as it’s been a country. It’s in the veins, in the heart, and in the soul. I’ve always loathed the concept of racism. It’s a useless concept that does nothing but hinder the well being of our fellow humans.

But there is always one question I always find myself asking. Will there ever truly be an end to racism? And if so, will it be in my lifetime? I highly doubt it, but a boy can always dream I suppose.

My worst mistake

I’ve done some good things
And I’ve done some bad things
Both of those lines are true
But the worst thing I’ve ever done
Was letting go of you

It wasn’t just love at first sight
It was also love at first sound
Because the sound of your voice
Made my heart drop to the ground

But I messed it all up
And now you’re gone for good
I would go back in time
And change it if I could

Memories are a bitter sweet
But I look back at us with a smile
So I’ll just wait for you
Even though it might be awhile

Forever searching but never finding.

Pale Moonlight

Have you ever danced with the Devil
In the pale moonlight
Heart full of lust
And mind full of fright

He grabs your hand
And pulls you in close
He sees your desire
And what you want most

He makes you a promise
But you make one as well
A promise that can’t be broken
Neither by heaven or hell

I’ve made that promise
And now I wait
With constant fear
Because I know my fate

If he ever asks
Take off into the night
Never dance with the Devil
In the pale moonlight.

Forever searching but never finding.